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Let It Roll is our 3rd studio album. Stripped down, bluegrass felt songs.


released March 18, 2017

Nathalie Elam - Vox/Guitar
Travis Morgan - Fiddle/Vox
John Trent - Dobro/Vox
Athan Tramountanas - Bass
Vito Chiechi - Vox/Guitar/Banjo/Harmonica



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Vito and the One Eyed Jacks Seattle, Washington

An eclectic mix of old-timey genres including bluegrass, country, blues, and rag time. Dark themes accompanied by bright melodies and sad overtones. Life from a perspective of a underdog either bound to lose or bound for glory.

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Track Name: Let It Roll
Let It Roll

It’s that feeling you get when you know that you are right
That burning rage you feel when you hear the lies
That moment you’d give up your freedom for the cause you believe
The hope arise they realize it’s liberty you bleed

Let it roll let it ride
Let her baby come home tonight
But he won’t and she’ll cry
He’ll be in the stars by light

They hung him on a cross at 11:11 that night
In a room with windows and harsh bright lights
They say you can kill the protester but not the dream
When there’s still a million like ‘em taking to the streets

Let it roll let it ride
We won’t win but we might
All we know is, it ain’t right
Let her baby come home tonight

Let it roll LET IT ROLL
Let it ride LET IT RIDE
Let me roll LET ME ROLL
Home tonight Home tonight
Track Name: Going Down
Going Down

oh lord meet me down, meet me down THAT RIVERSIDE
oh lord i gotta cleanse my dirty old soul i been running WHERE THEM DEMONS LIKE TO HIDE

oh lord take me down take me down to those FIERY DEPTHS
oh lord i been working my whole life through and i just can’t seem to GET ANY REST

pre chorus-
but like to the crack of a whip, i heard that evil hiss
that serpent told me eat my fruit and feel my glory

I’m going down where the streets are PAVED WITH COAL
fire burns through your very soul
Ill be sitting on a THRONE MADE OF BONES
walking down the STREETS OF HELL
where the sun don’t shine and the ANGELS FELL
your pearly gates aint seen the likes of me
and my tab has been paid eternally
(and my debts have been lifting off of me) last time through
Track Name: Carolina

Carolina my home where did we go, where did we go so wrong?
Carolina my babe I won’t be coming round, coming round no more

You knew me, like I’m meant to be and I got all wrapped up in you, like you did me
We could not be torn and we could not let go, not tonight…..I need you right here by my side

I’ll meet you back, back where we belong, on that rustic hill where I buried your bones
With a pack on my back, I read you your last rites, as I watched it vanish in flames that night

Violet flames in the eyes of a fox
sun shinning on a field of green
Wild fires on the hillside
they burnt down my beautiful dream
Track Name: Haircut

All my life I’ve been living lies, I’ve been caught up in them spiderwebs
You might be dead and gone, it might be a long time till I see you again

Well I can’t walk the line with out you by my side
That devil whispers in my ear when I hear a voice chime in
Then I realize I can’t go down that road again

As the sun shines down, down upon my face
I’ve never really felt the warmth of it’s rays
Homes’ always just been a place
That I could store my things and I could lay my head

Most my life I’ve been getting high, I’ve been on my own just wandering
I’ve been running around with my face down in the ground time and time again
Track Name: Where Have You Been
Where Have You Been

I met you on a Sunday fell in love on Monday
By Tuesday I could do you no wrong
I got drunk on Wednesday I was high all Thursday
And by Friday you was gone

I’m sitting here just wondering dear, where have you been all of my life?
Isn’t it clear whats happening here, I’ll be your man the rest of my life

Passing in the night what a perfect encounter
the future looks so bright as a silent actor
A single moment in time for us to capture
two souls absolutely free with no masters
So take my hand dear and lets just run away

I woke up the next Sunday cried all Monday
Tuesday I begged you all day long
I wrote on Wednesday and thought on Thursday
Maybe I’ll just sing her a song…..this ones turning out alright now